Online Design Service

Design Made Easy and Affordable!

As a professional designer,  I can bring you the best of all worlds.  I have the training to analyze photographs of your space and inspiration photos, do the necessary space planning and elevations, and create beautiful interiors for you at a very reasonable price.  

By selecting items that you, the client, can procure from reputable retailers, it makes the cost of working with a designer very affordable.  What’s more, you can rely on these retailers to assist you in procuring, scheduling, and delivering quality furniture and home goods.

So How Does an Online Design Service Work?

It’s Super Simple: Let me know your goals for your space and your design style. Send me your Pinterest page or see mine plenty of room style looks to help you get inspired. You will submit a floor plan and inspiration photos to

We will communicate through email and one or two brief phone calls so that I can clarify your goals. You receive a floor plan, mood board, shopping list.  Once you have received your custom design and shopping list, you buy what you love, and arrange your new space!

Step 1: Email or call me with your needs.

Also, I will need a photo of each wall of the room and any items you are keeping, along with their dimensions. Make a simple floor plan, starting with a pencil, and going over it with a sharpie. Take a snap with your cell phone and email or text it to me.

Making Your Floor Plan:

Step A

Once you have the overall dimensions of each wall from your sketch, you can begin filling in dimensions of doors, windows, fireplace, built-in cabinets, wall openings to other rooms, etc.    Starting at one end of the wall, measure the distance of each item along that wall, writing the dimensions on your sheet.  For windows, measure from the outside of the trim.  Check your individual measurements against the overall measurement for that wall – they should add up!

Step B  Repeat the process for the next wall.

Step C  Repeat for the remaining walls.

Step D   For any half walls, as well as any heating or cooling units that could interfere with a floor plan, measure from the floor to the top of the item and note the measurement on your sheet.  Example:  Half wall:  4’-0” above the finished floor.

Step E  If you would like a lighting plan, please note locations of any outlets.

Step 2: I will create a space plan for your approval.

Experienced space planning based on your room measurements

Step 3:

Once you approve the function and space plan, I will begin to select items based on your expressed style and any submitted inspiration photos/Pinterest boards. Or, view some of my Pinterest boards for inspiration and create your own board from items you love.

Using this input, I will create a beautiful design for your approval.

Example of a Design Board

Step 4:

Once you approve the design, I will send you a shopping list of retail items that you can purchase on your own. You will have the benefit of working with reputable companies with customer service teams. Should any items go out of stock within 30 days of you receiving your shopping list, I will find a replacement for you.

Partial example of shopping list

Here are some affordable designs I have created:

Besosa Design’s Online Design Service is easy and affordable! Most projects are turned around in as little as two weeks. 

Contact me at 678.682.5716