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AirBnB Experiences


I recently saw an interview with the CEO of AirBnB. He said that hosts have been contacting the company wanting to offer more than just a place to stay. They want to offer experiences. Interested in nature? One host offers an excursion through a wolf preserve.  Love fashion? How about spending a day with an editor from MarieClaire.  Maybe you’re a foodie. A San Francisco man gives you a day of local cuisine centered around the Mission.

If I look back on my life, the things that stand out are the atypical experiences. The day my parents brought home our family dog from the pound. The day of my ballet recital, when the lovely Miss Barbara came out in a royal blue tutu and silver pointe shoes. A perfect sunny fall day, when our entire family (six of us, plus the dog) took a hike together. My dad looking out over the lakeside view of our New Hampshire rental cabin, sharing sardines with our dog, looking relaxed and happy, enjoying a much-needed rest from work.

When you make your list of must-see travel destinations, don’t forget to include experiences you want to have. Perhaps many of them are right in your home town. Some of these excursions cost less than $20 per person.

My husband’s company does a lot of relationship building. Not too surprising given that the founder repeatedly stated that “the essence of life is relationships.” Lately, staffers have been attending cooking classes together. Mark always returns home jazzed and having had a wonderful time. Partly because he’s a big time foodie and a wonderful chef. But I also think it’s because he’s connecting with his associates in a way he doesn’t normally get to do on a regularly work day. Perhaps one reason these experiences are so popular is because people are gaining that connection that we don’t get checking in and out of a hotel. The uncomfortable few minutes with strangers in the elevator en route to our hotel room is turned into a meaningful experience and new relationships.

Check out some of the experiences offered on AirBnB.

Enjoy the journey.


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