Boutique hotel design

Boutique Hospitalty Design

I grew up in a modest ranch house on an acre of land in New England. My parents were both curious people, and the house was filled with books on art, history, and science. There was a particularly beautiful, ornate bookcase filled with National Geographic magazines. I loved pouring over these magazines, looking at the mesmerizing photographs that transported the reader to all areas of the globe. I also loved learning about different cultures and traditions.

A job in my early 20s offered a modest salary but a high yearly bonus – giving me an opportunity to save and then travel extensively.  I traveled for six months, worked abroad for another six, and then traveled some more. Home sickness and a dwindling bank account led me home. I missed not only my family but also my fellow Americans and their unique brand of optimism and energy.

Life became settled  — marriage, kids and an array of jobs that eventually led to a second career in interior design. I had the privilege of working with incredibly talented people to bring exceptional commercial design to life.

Designers are required to keep abreast of products, services, and developments in the design industry.  I’ve chosen to focus on the boutique hotel industry.  I want to support this area of enterprise both for the quality of design these establishments strive to achieve and for their intent to create exceptional experiences for clients.  This also applies to the emerging airbnb model of offering hospitality along with memorable guest experiences.

My goal is to merge my travel and design experience to bring design assistance,  resources, practical advice, and inspiration to those seeking to offer exceptional design and hospitality as well as to inspire the travelers of the world.

Enjoy the journey.



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